Herman E. Wornom Award

The Herman E. Wornom Award was instituted in 1992 to honor institutions which
have provided outstanding support and leadership in religious education. (see also Harper Award). In 2016 the REA voted to institute an innovation grant process with these funds.

Nomination Procedure

The Harper/Wornom Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for both the Harper Award and the Wornom Innovation grant. If you would like to nominate a person for the Harper award, please send your nomination with a paragraph describing your rationale for making it to our executive secretary at secretary [at] religiouseducation [dot] net by October 15. The nominations will be given to the Harper Committee of REA to be reviewed. After reviewing the nominations the committee will decide whether or not to forward a nomination to the REA Board which has the responsibility of making award decisions.

If you are interested in applying for a Wornom Innovation grant, please see the guidelines and application procedure. Questions can be directed to our executive secretary.

Award Recipients

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