Creating a list of doctoral programs

We are currently in the process of trying to create a comprehensive list of programs that offer a PhD, ThD, EdD, or DMin in religious education (or related areas). Can you help us? Here is the list that we currently have. We would very much appreciate your additions and corrections (which you can add as a comment to this post, or email to our executive secretary).

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  1. Lucinda,

    A few other schools that come to mind include: Andrews University (Seventh Day Adventist), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ed.D. degree), and Drew University (I think they have an emphasis in RE). Doesn’t Yale have a program that allows a focus on RE?

    When does the next eREACH go out? I may have something for you to consider including.

    – Kevin

  2. Hello Colleagues,

    I work with your friend Kevin Lawson at Talbot, and I am a friend of both Dean Blevins and Mark Maddix.

    I also serve as the Executive of the NAPCE (North American Professors of Christian Education) organization, your counterpart. I have a current calendar conflict but am TRYING to eliminate that in order to join you in Toronto later this year, though I cannot say for certain that it will work out, as it is a real calendar conflict. I hope so, however.

    I also wanted to mention a few other institutions you might want to add to your list. Here they are:

    1. Dallas Baptist University offers a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies (with higher education, ministry, and leadership emphases, etc.)

    2. Midwestern Seminary (aka Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, and an ATS School) offers a D.Ed.Min.

    3. Lancaster Bible College/Seminary and Graduate School offers a Ph.D. in Leadership (ministry-related)

    Bless you, and I hope to meet you at some point in the near future.

    Freddy Cardoza

  3. Boston College (Roman Catholic) has offered a PhD in Theology and Education since the 1980’s. It is administered in the School of Theology and Ministry in conjunction with the Lynch School of Education at BC. Three students are accepted into the program each year.

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