REA Session at 2013 AAR-SBL in Baltimore

Don’t miss the first REA session at the American Academy of Religion meeting in Baltimore!
Saturday, Nov 23 – 6:30-8:00 PM
Sheraton Inner Harbor-Harborview II

Religious Education and 21st-Century Intersections: Religion Identity Formation, Social Activism, and Public Imagination

Three of the Religious Education Association’s leaders – past, present, and future presidents – trace the contemporary contours of Religious Education as a field by highlighting three current vectors of interdisciplinary RE scholarship: 1) complex intersections of religion(s) and education in public domains and public education; 2) historical and contemporary movements of religious action and activism for justice and freedom; and 3) religions’ pedagogic function in shaping public consciousness and imagination, specifically with regard to forms of social and structural violence.

This session inaugurates the presence of REA:APPRRE at the Annual Meeting as a Related Scholarly Organization of AAR. REA:APPRRE is an incorporation of the venerable 110-year-old Religious Education Association — scholars and practitioners that gathered semi-annually, published, and taught religious education during this past century — and the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education, the academic guild of professors and researchers that met annually for 40 years. REA:APPRRE is especially proud of its 107-year old international journal Religious Education, its longstanding commitment to interreligious dialogue, and the priority it places on mentoring future scholars in the field.

Mary Hess, Luther Seminary, will moderate the panel of
Yolanda Smith, Yale University Divinity School
Siebren Miedema, VU University Amsterdam
Mai-Anh Tran, Eden Theological Seminary

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