Special journal issue for our annual meeting

We are less than one month away! We are looking forward to Becoming Good Ancestors with you. 

Did you know there is a pre-conference journal issue with this theme? 

If you are a member, go check out the submissions by logging into the member site and heading over to Taylor and Francis. There you will find submissions by

  • Patrick B. Reyes, “Pedagogy of the Ancestors.” Program chair and incoming REA president. 
  • Patricia Bonilla, “A Pedagogy of Surviving.”  
  • Carmichael Cruthfield, “An Essay: Becoming Good Ancestors.” 
  • Anthony Ephirim-Donkor, “Becoming a Good Living Ancestor.”
  • Mary Love, “Becoming Good Ancestors.”
  • Maureen O’Brien, “Discovering Good Ancestors, Hoping to Become One.”
  • Ina ter Avest, “Being and Becoming Good Ancestors: Doing the Unthinkable, Turning Death into Life.”
  • Dori Grinenko Baker, “Learning to Walk with My Ancestors.” 

And if you have not offered a trial membership to the journal, which would give the scholars you nominate access to these articles and more, then do so here! (You must be logged in and a current member, then the nomination form shows up at the bottom of the schedule page.)

We look forward to seeing you at Becoming Good Ancestors, July 5-9 online

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