Old Journal Instructions

Old Instructions for Accessing the Journal Online

Please note, you can now access the journal Religious Education online by simply visiting the member journal access page and clicking the button there. The instructions below are provided just for historical purposes.

As a member of Religious Education Association, you are entitled to receive free online access to Religious Education, including all archived volumes.

When you join the Religious Education Association or renew your membership, you will receive an email message from Taylor & Francis containing an activation code and complete instructions for registration and access to the secured area. If you are uncertain as to whether you have received your activation code, contact onlineaccesshelp [at] taylorandfrancis [dot] com.

If you do not already have a tandfonline.com account, please go to https://tandfonline.com and click “Register” in the upper right hand corner. Enter your name, country, and a valid email address, and choose a password to access your account. When finished entering your account information click “Register.” Then, check your email. A message from support [at] tandfonline [dot] com should appear within 30 minutes. Please check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your Inbox. Click the link in the message to activate your account.

Once you have completed the registration process and activated your subscription, you will be able to access journal content from any computer, any time by entering your email address and password. Your subscription will run concurrently with your active Religious Education Association membership status and will be renewed each year as you renew your membership.

This link will take you directly to journal content of Religious Education: https://tandfonline.com/toc/urea20/current

If you have any difficulty please contact onlineaccesshelp [at] taylorandfrancis [dot] com.
Posted Feb 2013

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