Brain Matters

neuroscience, creativity, and diversity

REA Annual Meeting 2011

4-6 November, Toronto, Ontario


These papers and presentations were given at the 2011 annual meeting of the Religious Education Association . The Call for Papers Committee selected Research Interest Group and Colloquium papers based on abstracts submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to “pdf” formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Research Interest Groups

Dori Baker: Inside the Teenage Girls’ Brain: Practices toward Resilient, Adaptive Spirituality

G.D. Bertram-Troost: The positioning of Protestant primary schools in the secular age. Results of an empirical research project in the Netherlands

Michael Bickford: An Evaluation of the Contribution of John H. Westerhoff III to Religious Education

Doug Blomberg:  The heart has reasons that reason cannot know

Lorna Bowman: Are Women Person’s?: The Case of Canada’s Famous Five

Donna Eschenauer: Memory and Imagination: The Easter Triduum Teaching How to Live and How to Die

Tanya Eustace: Pneumatology and Neuroscience: Understanding Children as Meaning Makers

John P Falcone: A Performative Aesthetics for RE: Theater of the Oppressed and Neuroscience

Matthew Geiger: Introducing reflective practices in schools: what I’ve learned from the practice of “notebooking”

Mary Hess: Mirror neurons, the development of empathy and digital storytelling

Luz Ibarra: Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Religious Education

Lisa Kimball: Being Godparent: From Honored Tradition to Transformative Practice

Eric Kyle: Spiritualizing Mind: A Brain-based Approach to Formation

Melissa Lynch: Symbiotic Truth, Diabolic Deception: The course of tension through the cataphatic and apophatic communion and its application in education

Graham McDonough: Catholic Schools and the Ecclesial Construction of the Laity: Consequences for the Future Church.

William Miller: Empathy and Moral Formation: Practicing Virtue in an Age of Neuroscience

Ina ter Avest: Youngsters Need the Brain to Challenge Worldview Formation; a provocative pedagogy

Kathleen Turner: An Artistic Review of Religious Education

Nam Soon Song: Sunday School Revisited: An alternative to Christian Education of the Church today?

Tamar Wasoian: Care and Guilt: Armenian Women’s Communal Experience

Colloquia (supplemental materials)

Eileen Daily: The Potential for Mobile Technology to Facilitate Playful Religious Engagement with the World
Ryan Gardner: Improving Teacher Reflection in the Religious Education Classroom
Holly Inglis: Hearers and Doers: implications of brain-based learning on faith formation and religious behavior
Johanna Selles: Educating for Empathy: The Science of Caring

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