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REA Annual Meeting 2011

4-6 November, Toronto, Ontario

REA2011 Contact

Where to find us

The program chair for the REA Annual Meeting 2011 is Dr. Dean G. Blevins (816-268-5481).

The chair of the call for papers committee is Dr. Rodger Nishioka.

The REA Annual Meeting is sponsored by the Religious Education Association, an Association of Professors, Practitioners, and Researchers in Religious Education, which is why you will also see us referred to as APPRRE. (Yes, we are working on that confusing batch of names!) You can find the REA’s main website at

The executive secretary of REA is Lucinda Huffaker.

The networking coordinator for REA and technical contact for this website is Sybrina Atwaters (404-626-1154).

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