Public Statements

At various times over the years, the Board of the Religious Education Association has issued public statements. While we cannot possibly respond to every event, we do seek to help our members educate themselves and their communities, working collectively to seek justice and peace.

Response to what is happening in Israel and Palestine (PDF version)

Statement grieving loss of life as 2023 unfolds

Statement on tragedy in Seoul in November of 2022 (pdf version to share)

Statement on racism and hate crimes against Asian Americans (in partial response to the spa shootings in Atlanta, GA in March of 2021)

Statement in response to the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020

Statement in response to the attack on the mosque in New Zealand in March of 2019

Statement in response to the REA2018 annual meeting feedback

Statement in response to the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh in October of 2018

Statement on the paralyzing effects of disimagination (issued December 24, 2015)

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