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Welcome to the REA Annual Meeting 2018 blog. As announced in St. Louis at REA Annual Meeting 2017, the theme for the REA2018 is “Beyond White Normativity: Creating Brave Spaces.” I want to encourage you to participate in this blog throughout the year as a direct way to exchange thoughts on white normativity and your own experiences in creating brave spaces in preparation for REA2018. Take this time to think about this theme and how it impacts the context of your work, research and life experiences. In this way, we can begin to see the numerous and diverse ways in which white normativity is interwoven into the heart of the global challenges we are witnessing. This includes not only the challenges of racism as seen throughout the United States, but also the xenophobia around the influx of migrants and refugees throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the rhetoric of fear used by nationalist candidates for political office in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the limited access to power by the First Nations People in Canada and the debate on the redress of past wrongs committed against them, the treatment of the aboriginals in Australia,  and the treatment of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar to highlight a few. Issues of sexism and discriminatory behaviors also fall under the umbrella of white normativity, as does the colonialist mindset of multinational companies working in what they might call the “third” world nations.

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Welcome to the REA2018 website

This website is being launched in time to share with members at REA2017. Please remember that everything here is still in draft form until the REA Board meets and approves the theme and call. Feel free to let us know of any issues you see with the site any time.

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