In the flow with email

There has been a lot of fear mongering about email and churches, as well as a lot of utopian imaginings. But here is one of the first very pragmatic pieces I’ve read about the challenges of email in conflict-ridden pastoral situations. Hurray to Alban for putting it out there!

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Open source religious resources

What would it mean to create a platform that enables people who are creating religious resources in their immediate environments, to share them with people all over the world? What might be possible if the editorial control of such a platform was envisioned to be from the grassroots up (via ranking, reviewing and social bookmarking),

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Interacting globally

“In the flow” surely means something about the increasing rapidity and ease of communicating across geographic distances previously unimagined. For instance, consider this blog written by the Youth Desk of the Lutheran World Federation. How can we be in conversation, in whatever context we live in, with people in widely differing contexts? What’s involved? Can

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Educators and students today

What might religious educators need to ponder, from the wider discussion happening right now in education around the changes digital tools are making possible? For instance, here’s another Wesch video, that briefly explores the challenges of being an undergraduate: Or what about this group of educators and their concern about what it means to “learn

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"In the flow"?

“In the flow” — that’s our theme for the 2010 REA/APPRRE meeting. What does that mean? Where does it come from? Well, of course, part of what we’re hoping is not so much that we tell you what the theme means, but rather that you help us to think it through — in your paper

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