Let Freedom Ring

Religious Education at the Intersection of Social Justice, Liberation, and Civil/Human Rights

REA Annual Meeting 2012

2-4, November, Atlanta, Georgia

Plenary #1

Greenhouses of Hope

Religious educators engaging in vocational discernment toward social change
Friday, November 2, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Fund for Theological Education   and
Religious Education in Academic Disciplines and Institutions Forum

“Greenhouses of Hope” are congregations who embrace the gifts of young people and “grow” young leaders who want to change the world. Greenhouses of Hope is also a research project funded by FTE, and its authors will present their research as a panel on how young religious leaders are engaging in the social justice movements of their day. The authors will then facilitate small groups in discussion of the role of religious education/formation in nurturing innovative young leaders who are agents of change for the church and world. The authors themselves are interested in capturing what REA participants are experiencing on-the-ground in the faith communities and social movements of which they are a part. These questions will structure small group conversations:

  1. What do you think is the role of religious education and Christian formation in shaping future church leaders to engage the world (through social movements, volunteerism or social innovation, etc.)?
  2. What specifically must religious educator do differently or more of to shape and form emerging church leaders to be change agents in the church and/or through the church to transform the world?

Additional information about Greenhouses of Hope can be found on the FTE website and the Alban website (publisher of the book).


Dori Baker, Fund for Theological Education: Overview of the project

Sinai Chung, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary: Practices of mentoring in immigrant churches

Margaret Ann Crain, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary: Faith community development and practices of hospitality

Fred Edie, Duke Divinity School: Practices of change in words and language for God

Joyce Mercer, Virginia Theological Seminary: Practices amid conflict over human sexuality

Jeffery Tribble, Columbia Theological Seminary: African-centric sankofa practice

Katherine Turpin, Iliff School of Theology: Interfaith and Christian practice

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