Let Freedom Ring

Religious Education at the Intersection of Social Justice, Liberation, and Civil/Human Rights

REA Annual Meeting 2012

2-4, November, Atlanta, Georgia

REA2012 Annual Meeting Proceedings

These papers and presentations are being given at the 2012 annual meeting of the Religious Education Association. The Call for Papers Committee has selected Research Interest Group papers based on abstracts and proposals submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to “pdf” formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.


Research Interest Groups

Richardson Addai-Mununkum: Combating Religion of Social Inaction in Ghana: The Role of Religious Education
Beth Anderson: Engaging Diversity and Building Liberative Community: Issues Related to Incorporating Practice into the Christian Spirituality Classroom
Sybrina Atwaters: Flowing Between Sacred Grounds: Constructing Socio-Religious Communities in 3D (Three-Dimensional) Virtual Worlds
Jennifer Ayres: Lives Worth Living: Religious Education and Social Movements
Amy Valdez Barker: Transformative Pedagogies: A Case Study of Witnessing Justice through Polity and Practice
Ned Berghausen: Teaching Social Justice through the Lives of Peacemakers
Claire Bischoff: Developing a Spirit of Compassion: Preparing for Social Justice Work through Digital Storytelling
Judith Brady: Social Justice in a World of Poverty and Wealth
Sung Hee Chang: A Journey of Struggle to Know and Represent the Self: Asian American Women’s Freedom/Protest Pedagogical Movements Based on a Postcolonial Diasporic Feminist Imagination
Charles Chesnavage: The History of Roman Catholic High School Teachers’ Unions and the right to Organize: Is There a Future?
Russell Dalton: Meek and Mild: American Children’s Bibles’ Stories of Jesus as a Boy–new title
Barbara Fears: The Underground Railroad: A Model of Collaboration, Liberation and Education
Patricia Haggler: In the Basement of the Church: Shared Space, Shared Ideas
A. Vanessa Hawkins: Hurricane Katrina and the African American Creation Narrative
Mark Hayse: Saving the World One Game at a Time? Justice, Digital Play, and the Games for Change Movement
Mark Hearn: Liberating Men: Empowering Men to Engage Freedom Work
Tamara Henry: Hip-hop as Artistic and Pedagogical Resistance in Youth Religious Education
Christine Hong and Aram Bae: We Are the Way We Were: Re-integrating Asian American Unsung Heroes into Asian American Religious Education
Harold Horell: Liberating Moral Reflection
Alyson Huntly: In Parables: Girl’s storytelling as possibility, and resilience, and empowerment.
Susanne Johnson: Class Matters in an Age of Empire: ‘Fugitive Democracy’ and “Fugitive Christianity’ in the Quest for Justice
Daniel Justin: Prophet of Prudence: The Practical Wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. as a Model for Justice Education
Patricia Lipperini: Privileged to Educate: Katharine Drexel and Catholic Social Teaching–An Embodied Pedagogy
Lindsay McAnulty: Jesuit Education: A Catalyst for Social Change in America
Narola McFayden: Disrupting the Nightmare of Poverty: Towards a Transformative Pedagogy
Siebren Miedema and Gerdien Bertram-Troost: Reconciling the Just, the Civic, and the Sacred in Critical-Pragmatic Religious Education
Ted Newell: The Power of Movements to Transform Persons
Ryan Nilsen: The National Farm Worker Ministry as Freirian Apprenticeship ——-new title
Hosffman Ospino: Religious Education and the Communal Shaping of a Christian Social Conscience: The Testimony of CÃesar ChÃvez
Halise Ozdemir: The Hijab Ban: Liberation or Oppression?
Evelyn Parker: Desecrated Spirits: Bodies, Intersectionality, and Redemption and Dark Skinned Girls
Joseph Petriello: Into the Holy Darkness: Ignatian Education and the Advent of Justice in an Age of Uncertainty
Patrick Reyes: Liberative Education for Farmworkers: Assessing Transformative Potential of Social Media/Networking
Michael Robinson: Freedom of Inalienable rights: Drawing Insight from Martin Luther King, Jr. in Addressing Poverty as an Issue of Economic Justice
Bert Roebben: Kenosis, Human Flourishing and Solidarity: Towards a Theological Anthropology of Education
Meredith Hoxie Schol: A Habitus of Resistance
Daniel Shin: A Plea for a Theology of Freedom: Hans Frei on Christian Discipleship in the World
Moon Son: Teaching Social Justice in Christian Higher Education: Some Post-Economic Crisis Educational Solutions
Nelson Strobert: Black Soldiers, Education and the U.S. Civil War: Fight for Liberation
Tamar Wasoian: Religious Education for the Praxis of Peace, Reconciliation and Democracy
Susan Willhauck: Freeing Speech: Proverbial Wisdom and Faith Formation as Liberation

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