(Un)Making Violence

Religion and Education in the (Un)Making of Violence

REA Annual Meeting 2014

7-9 November, Chicago, Illinois

REA2014 Image Credits

Image Credits

We have used a number of images in the headers of this site, some of them with permission, others of unknown ownership. If you are the owner of any image and would like us to stop using it, please just let us know. Click on the image to see it in its original context.

P1030217-1.jpg Mural in Milwaukee by Mary Hess.

2179543249_10d359cebc_o Dove & Skull by Mayu Shimizu.

cropped-1453155517_f350590917_b.jpg Flores de colores by sergis blog. (Photo of Banksy graffiti.)

2131727813_9688a64e61_o.jpg Banksy: Armoured Peace Dove by eddiedangerous.

5148267262_afc29ba886_o.jpg RIMG0135.JPG by Mayu Shimizu.

6482920111_bdf966bdea_b.jpg Untitled by Rosino.

7236720900_c50b3fb08e_b.jpg Dove by Fated Snowfox.

9924983085_e30263db41_b.jpg Growth by loopoboy 2.0.

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