(Un)Making Violence

Religion and Education in the (Un)Making of Violence

REA Annual Meeting 2014

7-9 November, Chicago, Illinois

REA2014 Pre-Conferences

Pre-Conference Workshops

Mary Hess, Luther Seminary, facilitator
There is no charge for either workshop.  Lunch is on your own.

9:30am – 11:30am      Creating and Tending Your Digital Presence as a Scholar

Mary Hess, Luther Seminary

The morning workshop will present ways in which graduate students and faculty can build a “digital presence” that contributes to their learning, their self-awareness as teachers, and their pedagogical effectiveness in various environments. Mary will be addressing such questions as

  • What does it mean to make your work available in the wider and more fluid spaces of the net?
  • What is an OrchidID?
  • How do you choose among Facebook, academia.edu, and ResearchGate?
  • How do you find nontraditional sources of collaboration and insight for your work?

1:00pm – 4:30pm      Teaching and Learning in Online Spaces: An Experiential Engagement with Digital Creativity

Eileen Daily, Boston University, and Daniella Zsupan-Jerome, Loyola University New Orleans

This workshop will have an experiential format in which participants will be exposed to a number of creative and nonlinear ways of teaching and learning. Such ways are especially suited for the digital classroom and are increasingly relevant for teaching and learning in our digital culture as a whole. The cultural shifts wrought by digital culture will be explored as a catalyst for a pedagogical discussion of how to serve students more effectively in theological education/ministerial formation. The bulk of the time will be spent in experiential engagement with digital creativity, particularly as it pertains to teaching and learning. The presenters will share key examples and will invite active participation of attendees.

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