(Un)Making Violence

Religion and Education in the (Un)Making of Violence

REA Annual Meeting 2014

7-9 November, Chicago, Illinois

REA2014 Collective Inquiry

Collective Inquiry

Have you suggestions of texts or media which might be relevant for our collective inquiry into the conference theme? Please email us your recommendations or add them to the REA14 stream, and we will consider them for this list of resources.

For Further Reading

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Recommended Films

  • The Interrupters http://video.pbs.org/video/2195390746/
  • A Leap of Faith [electronic resource], Parallel Productions (New York: Films Media Group, [2013], c1996.)
  • Anatomy of Hate [electronic resource]: A Dialogue for Hope, Michael Ramsdell (New York: Films Media Group, [2013], c2009)
  • Constantine’s Sword (c2007, Oren Jacoby historical documentary http://youtu.be/BSQWHqBLrSo; http://constantinessword.com/)
  • Faces of the Enemy (c1987, Sam Keen http://youtu.be/JDq2Ja3DlGg; http://newsreel.org/)
  • Scared Sacred [electronic resource], National Film Board of Canada (New York: Films Media Group [2013], c2004)
  • The Experiment (c2004, on the 1971 Stanford prison experiment)
  • The Ground Truth: After the Killing Ends (c2006, on US military training)



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