BSG at the UN

I’ve been trying to coax Ronald Moore, who is the producer of both Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, to come to our November meeting and talk about it. So far, no success (but he hasn’t turned us down yet!). In any case, for those of you who have no idea what Battlestar Galactica is about, you might enjoy this video of a forum that was done at the United Nations last year.

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The "religion blogosphere"

For those of you who are new to blogging, you might find the Social Science Research Council‘s recent report on the “the religion blogosphere” an interesting resource. The report, available both as a website and in .pdf form, includes a brief introduction to the role of blogs in the wider media sphere, as well as detailing various elements of a large group of blogs that regularly engage religion.

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Interfaith Understanding conference

Here’s a conference, being held April 11-13 in Rochester, NY, that some of you might be interested in. It’s focused on interfaith understanding, and is full of creative interaction through art and music-based events.

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Looking forward to Denver in November

The board of the REA/APRRE just concluded our annual working retreat, and we held it in the same hotel in which we’ll be meeting in November, the Denver Renaissance. I’m happy to report that it’s a very comfortable hotel, and we enjoyed the food and the amenities.

I do want, however, to let you know why we chose this hotel. Some of you know that we worked very hard to try and find a hotel in downtown Denver. Given another major conference happening on the same dates, we could find nothing that we believed our members could afford. That left us looking for alternatives. The Denver Renaissance is a newly renovated hotel near Stapleton, which used to be the old airport. It’s actually closer to the Denver airport than is Denver, and there is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel (free wifi, too!).

But even more interesting, just about a mile away is a substantial new community development (Stapleton) that was designed and built to be as eco-friendly as possible. This community has a small “main street” with individual shops, restaurants and a movie theater. It’s also a place you can visit via the complementary hotel van. Here are a few pictures to give you a sense:

downtown Stapleton, CO

downtown artwork stapleton, CO

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The state of the internet

A set of numbers seeking to describe the ‘net these days. (Hat tip to FreeRangeLearning)

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Interfaith news digest

The Interfaith Youth Core has started to put together a weekly digest of news which might be of interest to interfaith learners — it’s definitely worth checking out!

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PBS' Digital Nation

The Media Education Lab at Temple, in conjunction with PBS, has put up a host of really useful resources on parenting kids in digital contexts. Apparently the “occasion” is the premiere on February 2nd of a new PBS documentary on the Digital Nation.

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Digital storytelling

We’re very excited that the Peace & Justice Task Force will be presenting a full day, pre-conference workshop on digital storytelling at our November meeting. Many of you may not know much about digital storytelling, but it’s a growing movement that began in the midst of community theater. Here’s a site from the UK that shares some basic information about it.

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Why we work on interfaith education

Hat tip to the Alban Weekly for a piece by Justus Baird making a powerful case for interfaith education. He talks about reasons stemming from “the news, the pews, and religious views.” Read the whole piece, it’s excellent, but his first reason — having to do with widespread news coverage of religion that contributes to misunderstanding — points to a central reason why we, as religious educators, need to be “in the flow” in our contemporary contexts.

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Liz Coleman on the liberal arts

Liz Coleman gave a compelling lecture, nearly a year ago, at the 2009 TED conference. She spoke of the challenges facing our country, and of the possible role for the liberal arts in engaging them. I couldn’t help thinking, as I was listening to her speak, that the role she outlines for the liberal arts is not that far away from the role many of us believe religious education needs to play. Certainly we are “in the flow” of the discussion. Check it out:

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