REA Annual Meeting 2014

Religion and Education in the (Un)making of Violence

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Religious Education (RE) as a field and the Religious Education Association (REA) as an organization with 110 years of history have at our core a responsive instinct to current, exigent issues inscribed in/by the intersections of religion and education. A retrospective of conference themes over the last five years gives evidence: we puzzled over cultural-religious “otherness” (2009), we mapped global flows of religious learning (2010), we queried after human capacities for creativity and empathy (2011), we documented historical moves toward justice and freedom (2012), and we are marking religion’s footprints in public domains (2013). In all of this work, we RE scholars have endeavored to give expression and form to new in(ter)ventions between religion and education for the flourishing of the global community and planetary life.

In keeping with this keen attention to issues of everyday religious lives, the organizing theme of the association’s Annual Meeting in 2014 in Chicago forges a conceptual problem out of a practical concern for what we have been witnessing in local and global current events: the problem of violence and the function of cultural and religious imagination in its making and unmaking.  (For more on the theme, see the Call for Proposals page.)

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Our 2014 annual meeting will be held November 7-9 at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook, Illinois, just outside Chicago. Learn more on our accommodations page.  Online registration will be available July 15. Our preliminary schedule will give you an idea of conference activities.

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