Updated schedule

We are slowly populating the schedule with paper abstracts, full papers where available, and many more details. This page will be updated regularly, but you can subscribe to the ICS and that way whenever this is updated your calendar will also be update.

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Basic schedule available

As more and more speakers register, more and more sessions are becoming visible on the schedule of our meeting. You can see the basic public version here, and then register for more details.

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Plenary speaker details

Read the latest eREACH for detailed biographies and more information about dates/times of plenary speakers.

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REA2021 going online

Stay tuned for more details, but please note that today the REA Steering Committee decided to move our REA2021 full meeting online, due to continuing concerns with COVID-19.

The deadline for proposals was shifted to January 31st, so keep in mind that your paper/panel/etc. will now need to take place in an online space.

More details coming soonest!

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CFP being extended

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the call for proposals for REA2021 is being extended. At this point we know only that we will accept proposals at least until January 31st, but the precise deadline is still being formulated by the steering committee.

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COVID-19 Update

After careful consideration of all of the issues, and upon reaching the deadline past which the fees for cancelling a hotel contract become onerous, the REA Steering Committee has decided to postpone our annual meeting to 6-9 July 2021.

In doing so we realize there are many things that will have to change, but we feel very strongly that the REA community does its best work — both in scholarship and teaching — when we are able to gather in person.

So, please mark your calendars right now to come to St. Paul, Minnesota, 6-9 July 2021.

Many more details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, including some special events that will take place during what would have been our meeting in November.

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Welcome to the REA Annual Meeting site

This website is being launched in time to share with members at REA2020. Please remember that everything here is still in draft form until the REA Board meets and approves the theme and call. Feel free to let us know of any issues you see with the site any time.

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