Our annual meetings are a great time to connect with colleagues and hear about all the wonderful work being done in the field. Each year’s meeting revolves around a theme that is developed by the meeting coordinator and embodied in dozens of thoughtful presentations.

REA Annual Meeting 2024

REA2024Dear Earth: Innovating Religious Education Through the Lens of Climate Justice, 8-12 July 2024 Online. Visit the meeting website for more information.

Past Meetings

REA20232023 Online, 10-14 July, “Whose Children Are They? Responsibilities for Religious Formation of a New Generation.” See the website, schedule, and 2023 proceedings.
There was also a Fall Gathering in 2023.
REA20222022 Online in Zoom, 5-8 July, “Becoming Good Ancestors: Courageously Co-Creating.” See the website, schedule, and 2022 proceedings.
There was also a Fall Gathering in 2022.
REA20212021 Online in Run The World, 5-9 July, “Gender, Sexuality, and Wholeness: Religious Education for Confrontation and Healing.” See the website, schedule, and 2021 proceedings.
There was also a Fall Gathering in 2021.
2020 postponed due to the pandemic, see REA2021. REA did have a Fall Gathering in 2020.
REA20192019 in Toronto, 1-3 November, “Coexistence in Divided Societies: Pedagogies of the Sacred, of Difference, and of Hope.” See the website, schedule, and 2019 proceedings.
REA20182018 near Washington, DC, 2-4 November, “Beyond White Normativity: Creating Brave Spaces.” See the website, schedule, and 2018 proceedings.
REA20182017 in St. Louis, 3-5 November, “Learning in Encounter: Crossroads, Connections, Collaborations.” See the website, schedule, and 2017 proceedings.
REA20182016 in Pittsburgh, 4-6 November, “Generating Hope: The Future of the Teaching Profession in a Globalized World.” See the website, schedule, and 2016 proceedings.
REA20182015 in Atlanta, 6-8 November. “Connecting, Disrupting, Transforming: Imagination’s Power as the Heart of Religious Education.” See the websiteschedule, and 2015 proceedings.
REA20182014 in Chicago, 7-9 November. “(Un)making violence: Religion and education in the (un)making of violence.” See the website, schedule, and 2014 proceedings.
REA20182013 in Boston, 8-10 November. “Coming Out Religiously”: Religion, the Public Sphere, and Religious Identity Formation. See the website and schedule, and 2013 proceedings.
REA20182012 in Atlanta, 2-4 November. “Let Freedom Ring”: Religious Education at the Intersection of Social Justice, Liberation, and Civil/Human Rights. See the website and schedule, and 2012 proceedings.
REA20182011 in Toronto, 4-6 November. Brain Matters: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Diversity. See the website and schedule, and 2011 proceedings.
REA20182010 in Denver, 7-9 November. In the Flow: Learning religion and religiously learning amidst global cultural flows. See the website and schedule, and 2010 proceedings.
  • 2009 in Dallas, Texas, 22-24 November. Theology and Religious Education: Relational, Practical, and Interfaith Dimensions. See the theme,  schedule, videos, and 2009 proceedings.
  • 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, 7-9 November. Fiction as Truth: Seeking religious depth in Short Stories, Novels, and Film. See the 2008 proceedings.
  • 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, 2-4 November. Culture that Matters: Intercultural Explorations in Religious Educations. See the 2007 proceedings.
  • 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, 3-5 November. Reconsidering the Power of Story in Religious Education. See the 2006 proceedings.
  • 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, 4-6 November. Religious Education for Peace and Justice. See the 2005 proceedings.
  • 2004 in Denver, Colorado, 5-7 November. Contextual Pedagogies: Teaching Context as Religious Text. See the 2004 proceedings.
  • 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, 7-9 November. Embracing the Past, Envisioning the Future: Religious Education in an Age of Transition. See the 2003 proceedings.
  • 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1-3 November. Leading with Hope: The Vocation of the Religious Educator. See the 2002 proceedings.
  • 2001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2-4 November. Religious Education in an Age of Globalization. See the 2001 proceedings.
  • 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, 3-5 November. Knowing God: Meeting God in the Peoples of God.
  • 1999 in Toronto, Ontario. 15-17 October. Educating for Religion Particularism and Pluralism.
  • 1998 in Orlando, Florida. 21-24 November. Postmodernism and Generation X: Challenges and Possibilities for Religious Educators.
  • 1997 in Oakland, California. Poetry – Prophecy – Power.
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